18 th September 2000

for the attention of Ms. E. Piflkin

To The Parliamentary Commission for Standards.

House of Commons London


Dear Ms. E. Piflkin.

I am a member of the Kemptown Constituency of Brighton Sussex and my MP is Dr Desmond Turner. I am writing to you making a formal compliant concerning his conduct in the following matters.

Over a period of four years I have corresponded and visited him at his surgeries and have consulted, informed and given him material relating to the following matters.

He has failed in his public duty to report or take any action over information given to him concerning criminal activities and crime that had been covered up by Sussex Chief Constable. Paul. Whitehouse.

(I am fully aware that if my claims where proved false I could be prosecuted)

The most important is the murder of Katrina Taylor in Brighton in 1996 who was in his Constituency and also her family are members are his Constituents.

I was the witness in this murder case who was responsible for the police finding the murder weapon in Peacehaven Sussex. Within a week I started to be harassed by the police and they also failed in every duty towards me under the Victim's Charter.

Over the next four years I relayed information to Dr D Turner concerning vital evidence relating to the murder being covered up by high ranking police officers and Chief Constable Paul Whitehouse.

I also informed him of other criminal activity which the police had also covered up in relation to events surrounding the murder.


I would like to add as well the intimidation I received from the police I was threatened by persons associated with the murder of Katrina Taylor did forcefully trespass into my home and tried to attack me. I managed to dial 999 and a friend appearing on the scene ejected these persons from my home.

(A personal note - Since this started I have developed Macular Degeneration in my left eye and also had serious eye surgery in my right eye. I was extremely distressed as the simplest blow would blind me).

On arrival of the police ringing my doorbell as I mentioned before I had harassment from the police for some time. Police records in the event of an investigation should be thoroughly checked. I opened the door to the police and was promptly arrested for attempted assault, I was flabbergasted and distressed. When interviewed at the police station the police tried their hardest to make me confess that I had committed assault. I over heard that they had run a computer check concerning me. Upon the arrival of a solicitor the police were sent back to question my attackers. During this whole period there was no mention of me being a prime witness in a murder trial, nor did any member of the murder squad at a later date or the witness protection officer contact me over this incident.

It was proven to the police that I had been attacked in my own home so they had no other choice than to release me. As you can imagine at this time I was extremely upset and distressed .        Next day I contacted Newhaven police stating that I wished to press charges against my attackers. They refused to do anything whatsoever. I referred the whole of this to Dr D Turner for his assistance in this matter, to which he did nothing. I would like to add the following. I live in a house converted into three flats. Myself and my neighbour Mr Cox live on the ground floor and there is one first floor flat. The first floor flat had been empty for eight years. Early in 1996 the leasehold was supposedly purchased by a person calling himself Marcel Sulc. We were suspicious of the actions of this person and I made contact with an investigator who informed me that the persons real name was Mark Slade, a member of the Preddy Group fraud. I contacted Brighton Police intelligence who were greatly interested in his activities. The Intelligence Officer P.C. Hastings was passing intelligence to Newhaven CID to a Malcolm Bacon. There are details that I am not adding at this moment as if there is an investigation, to bring this information to the public's notice would be unhelpful. A rough estimate of the amount of fraud and the possibility of wide scale drug shipments and two other known cases an estimate is approximately half a million pounds.

To back up my claim, copied and hidden are aver 200 hours of audio tapes. At this time Dr Des Turner had not been elected but I made contact with him and told him of my concerns. It is known that an Intelligence file was kept on Mark Slade and his associates operation from Peacehaven. The flat was only being used as a headquarters for criminal activity. Mark Slade was running four Security Companies at this time. Evidence was obtained that he was employing criminals and obtaining for them false Identification (right down to false National Security Numbers). The flat at Peacehaven - the only things that were fitted in the flat was that the main entrance door was painted black and a highly sophisticated alarm system was fitted. There was no furniture whatsoever except for a telephone.


Early on a young coloured man named Simon Williams was supposedly in the flat decorating, but the only thin he did was sign for deliveries and answer the telephone. This was the same person who was one of the four charged with the murder of Katrina Taylor. The police were fully aware of all activity that was going on at the flat, my own personal contacts with fraud investigators showed that there was thousands and thousands of pounds being fraudulently obtained.

I repeatedly wrote to the Chief Constable and also contacted Senior police officers on the telephone. (I took the precaution of taping these calls) as my neighbour and myself were fully convinced that we were being set up to be made to look as if we were the persons committing the fraud.

Why at this time - as the Preddy case was being discussed in the Lords - why the Chief Constable wanted to cover up the activities of Mark Slade. C.C. Paul Whitehouses cover up was directly responsible for Katrina Taylor being murdered .

Murder of Katrina Taylor Dates and times of contact are being with-held from the document. As is major evidence as this letter is being made public for my own protection Katrina Taylor had been murdered which was unknown to me at this time. Because of the strange actions of the police and being housebound at this time, I was able to keep a diary of activities in the upstairs flat.

I would like to add that there is absolutely no soundproofing and loud conversations could be heard and the use of the telephone could be clearly heard.

Because of the strange actions of Simon Williams which had been so out of character, that they clearly stuck in my mind. As I have said at this time I was unaware that Katrina Taylor had been murdered. I received a telephone call from the police (which I taped) which threatened me with impersonating a police officer, this was few days after Katrina had been murdered. As a law abiding citizen I cannot tell you how helpless and distressed I felt. The officer who threatened me would have had full knowledge of Simon Williams' vehicle number and his name. I also have taped material which proves that all this should have been on Intelligence files as two days later information came my way that Simon Williams was somehow connected to the murder of Katrina Taylor. I expected that my local police officers, PC Witherspoon, Malcolm Bacon and DS Bates all knew that Simon Williams was at this address in Peacehaven. If you check the documents that I have and transcribe the audio tapes the confirm this. I took it upon my own back that as police officers from the Murder Squad had not appeared asking questions that something was amiss. I taped the call and it was completely clear that the Murder Squad had not been informed that Simon Williams was in Peacehaven acting as a pick-up man for Mark Slade. The officers hurried to Peacehaven and interviewed me and also called in a search team. I showed them the movements of Simon Williams and within ten minutes they had found the murder weapon. Police officers made a telephone call from my house to the DCI in charge and they were overjoyed at finding this knife.


The officers actually took three statements from me, one concerning sitting at the drain where the knife was found, 11 miles away from where the murder took place. Also a statement concerning a bag that Simon Williams had been carrying and they took a physical description of the man calling himself Danny Smith also believed to be known as Graham McDonald. After the detectives left I assisted the search team as to other actions that Simon Williams had taken. The time this was started was approximately 2 p.m. The officer in charge said to me "you deserve a medal", to which I replied "oh Yeah". He the informed me that if the murder weapon had not been found by 5 p.m. that afternoon the four being held would have to be released.   (I never received a thank-you letter, Victim Support, protection, counselling from the police). That evening I became suspicious when Murder Squad officers were let into the upstairs flat by Marc Slade. Criminal activity carried on as normal from the flat. On the day that Simon Williams put the knife down the drain, he made repeated telephone calls.

 The police would never take extra statements from me. All these incidents and others later I reported before the trial to Dr Des Turner and over the last four years. I replete ask that he contact Jack Straw or ask the P.C.A to bring in a outside force to investigate my claims this he refused to do. The four killers at this stage are all free. There is obviously a very wide range of police corruption involved.

All of what I have said here can be backed up.. I also want to mention again that Dr Des Turner flatly refused to make any contact at all with Jack Straw. The Taylor family wrote to Jack Straw and received no reply. I would like to add the following - four people were accused of the murder - at the first trial two were acquitted and two received life sentences.

By the time of the first trial Des Turner knew that my health and eyesight were failing and he did nothing to get me any form of Victim Support. Coming to the time of the re-trial - I was informed (this is on tape) that my evidence was vital in the new trial because of Marks Slades' connection with the murder and it was believed that the police had used members of his gang a false witnesses.

Yet again I approached Des Turner over these issues. I told him that I would be in court even if it killed me. This is where the strangest incidents happened. I was visited by two police officers who made threats for me nor to appear in court.

I decided to stay away from my home until the time I would be called for court.

This was an extremely fortuitous move as officers from Special Branch arrived at my home to arrest me for attempting to pervert the course of justice. What have they to do with a murder surely the murder squad officers should have been involved Who would have had the power to use the SPECIAL BRANCH Witnesses said three police cars full of Officers came to arrest me by this time I was passed as disabled with P.T.S.D and waiting to lose my sight in my right eye .

Through contacts I found that there was not a arrest warrant out on me. Friends were deeply concerned over my personal safety, so I left the country. At the re-trial the two other killers were acquitted.  


Plus a point that needs investigating is a solicitor contacted the Police in November 1999 and they claimed to never have heard of me??? I would like to add that in October 1999 the family of Katrina wrote to Dr. Des Turner mp asking for his assistance. He sent back a card saying that he would look into matters. He did not tell them that he had been informed of various suspicious circumstances surrounding the case. It was not until a group of young people started an (to which I gave them copies of my) files Internet Campaign over the murder and Radio and the Observer ran articles concerning the Peacehaven connection.

Dr Des Turner then - in August - wrote to the family (copy enclosed) slanging me off and trying to make me look mentally unstable. He did not mention that he had known about the matter for four years. Or that the Police had not check telephone calls made from Peacehaven the appeal papers prove this or The Preddy Fraudsters involvement in the murder or that the flat had been raided by other police areas each time Slades gang where involved.

Or that he would not write to Jack Straw and it took him four years to contact the family. I maintain that because Dr. D.Turner. M.P lack of actions the killers of Katrina Taylor are walking the streets. Plus Mark Slade is running all types of crime with total impunity For four years I had tried every way to have extra statements taken. I have copies of letters asking for this to be done Dr Des. Turner mp can not make the excuse that he had no knowledge of the Victims Charter. After is speech earlier this year on the help for victims and witnesses. Last time I saw him I demanded help he wrote to Brighton Police not the Murder squad or C.C. P. Whitehouse but to the crime manager the reply broke the whole of the victims charter and was a pack of lies which Dr, D. Turner new was the case he did nothing. In 4 years he has only wrote 2 letters

The Family of Katrina Taylor are watching my Complaint with great interest.